Flex-X 9

  • Crush resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Greater surface area

Flex-X 9 features compacted strands and swaging for extra drum crushing resistance and increased stability. Its high density strands deliver extra strength and resistance to abrasion. Flex-X 9 is manufactured with a dual compaction process to produce a compact cross-section with minimum voids and greater surface area on outer wires that contact drums, sheaves and the rope, itself during operation. The high-density compacted strands minimize nicking at strand-to-strand contact points. Flex-X 9 was specifically designed for boom hoist applications and tubing line applications where drum crushing is a challenge.

Flex-X® vs. standard rope of similar construction:

Flex-X designs reduce drum scrubbing between the lead line and the previous wrap.   The smooth contact creates less interference, less metal loss and wire deformation. The increased surface area of Flex-X can be seen in the comparison of the contact points of a standard 6x26WS and Flex-X as shown.

Flex-X 9 Strength and Weights Chart (inches)

Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs
5/8 0.90 26.2
3/4 1.30 37.4
7/8 1.79 50.6
1 2.33 65.7
1 1/8 2.93 82.7