Lifting Devices

American Rigger’s Supply provides end users with a large range of standard products meeting the design, construction and testing requirements of B30.20. Whether the solution is something as simple as a lifting beam or a patented, ergonomically designed Caldwell Posi-Turner, powered sling material handling system, an answer can be provided for loads weighing in excess of 150 tons.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers B30.20 standard applies to Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. This consensus industry standard is voluntary in terms of the law. However, if the choice is made to ignore its recommendations and requirements, additional risk is created for employees and their employers as well. Often times O.S.H.A. will refer to A.S.M.E. standards when evaluating working conditions in terms of safety. After a worker is injured on the job is a regretful time for the question to come up regarding why there was a lack of compliance.

On occasion, the end user is under tight time constraints and a lifting device is required without an extended lead time. Caldwell’s newly developed QUICKSHIP and INSTOCK initiatives, combined with our in-house inventory of lifting beams, lifting clamps and alloy j-hooks, enables us to respond promptly in many of those circumstances.

Sometimes situations arise where a standard lifting device will not provide a proper solution. In those cases, our experienced customer service personnel, working with Caldwell’s knowledgeable engineers, can design and fabricate suitable lifting equipment, meeting the B30.20 criteria for Below-The-Hook devices.

For any lifting application, with forty plus years as a sling fabricator and rigging supply house, American Rigger’s Supply provides industry with a valuable source for all rigging equipment requirements.

  • Wire rope slings
  • Alloy chain slings
  • Wire mesh slings
  • Synthetic web and round slings
  • Lifting beams
  • Lifting clamps
  • Rigging hardware
  • Wire rope
  • Hoists

The knowledgeable customer service staff at American Rigger’s Supply has over 200 years of experience with the company. We are dedicated to assisting end users find answers to all questions regarding rigging equipment. Our partnership with top quality manufacturers can provide you a partner with answers and lifting equipment compliant with today’s standards and, in the end, assist in reducing your risk.

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