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Anchorage Connectors

Anchorage Connectors

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Item No.
2103673Removable/Reusable Roof AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionRoof Anchors
2104560Concrete D-Ring AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionConcrete Anchors
2104700Glyder 2 Sliding Beam AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionSteel Anchorage
1003000Tie-Off Adaptor (3`)DBI-SALAConstructionAnchorage Connectors
1201390Scaffold Choker Anchor (1.4`)DBI-SALAConstructionAnchorage Connectors
2000112Saflok Carabiner (11/16")DBI-SALAGeneralSteel Anchorage
2000113Saflok CarabinerDBI-SALAGeneralSteel Anchorage
2000114Saflok Steel Carabiner (2 3/16")DBI-SALAGeneralSRL Accessories
2100050Concrete Anchor StrapDBI-SALAConstructionConcrete Anchors
2100061Disposable Concrete Anchor StrapDBI-SALAConstructionConcrete Anchors
2100085Saflok Concrete Wedge AnchorDBI-SALAGeneralConcrete Anchors
2100090Perimeter Limiter Leading Edge AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionSpecialty Anchors
2100101Saflok Toggle AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionConcrete Anchors
2101004Concrete Detent AnchorDBI-SALAGeneralConcrete Anchors
2101630D-ring with Anchorage PlateDBI-SALAGeneralConcrete Anchors
2103143Trolley Anchorage ConnectorDBI-SALAGeneralSteel Anchorage
2103675Standing Seam Roof AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionRoof Anchors
2103676Reusable Roof AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionRoof Anchors
2104168Roof Anchor Fall Protection KitDBI-SALAGeneralRoof Anchors
2104531First-Man-Up SystemDBI-SALAConstructionNULL
2104800Saflok Pole Climbing Fall Arrest SystemDBI-SALAUtilitiesSpecialty Anchors
2105683Roof AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionRoof Anchors
2108406Fixed Beam AnchorDBI-SALAGeneralSteel Anchorage
2200094Mobi-Lok Self Contained Vacuum Anchor System - General IndustryDBI-SALAGeneralMobi-Lok
2200107Mobi-Lok Self Contained Vacuum Anchor System - Aviation IndustryDBI-SALATransportationMobi-Lok
2200400Sayfline Horizontal Lifeline System for use with Mobi-Lok Vacuum AnchorsDBI-SALATransportationSayfline
7255000Freestanding Counterweight AnchorDBI-SALAConstructionRoof Anchors

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